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Basic app actions

What are Basic app actions?

The Basic app actions feature allows users to use and send the data from their Pipedrive accounts to your app. In this way, the data will gain value as it is displayed in context with the functionality of your app.

Basic app actions can give users the option to for example add contacts to email lists, create documents/proposals, send messages, and more with just a click of a button.

See how Basic app actions can work for a proposals and contacts app. In this example, the app displays the name of the deal, the value of the deal, and the contact person's information in the app.

See how Basic app actions can work for a bots and messaging app. In this example, the app displays the contact person's name, info, and phone number.

Where are app actions found and how do they work?

Visibility in the UI

App actions can be added to the actions menu shown in the upper right area of the Details view and the List view. App actions in List view will appear when an item(s) is selected.

App actions are visible when the user clicks on the actions menu in the List and Details views. In each view, there can be a maximum of 3 actions per app per view, so altogether (7 possible views x 3 actions) 21 actions per app.

List view
Details view






If the user hasn't selected any items in the List view, the app actions aren't available.

How do the app actions work?

When a user selects an app action from the menu, a new browser tab will be opened. Next, in the same browser tab, the user will be redirected to an app's page if the user has an active app installation status. The redirection will be done to a URL that consists of the app's URL, which is supplied by the app owner in the Marketplace Manager, as well as parameters that Pipedrive adds relating to the selected item(s). The added parameters enable the app to make requests to Pipedrive's API and fetch data to allow the user to complete an app action.

Note that because the items selected by a user will directly relate back to the URL, you can run into a situation where several hundreds of items will be populated directly to the URL. In these scenarios, please be ready to encounter URL length limitation errors.

The new tab opened right after the user clicks the action has the following URL structure. The :actionId parameter in the URL is the unique identifier of the app action that Pipedrive will replace with a value.


These are the parameters that are added to the URLs:

Explanation or value(s)





details or list







Entity IDs that show all the selected IDs in an array form

  • If a user selects all the IDs through the select-all checkbox, then empty - selectedIds=
  • If a user selects an item in the Details view, the selectedIds will contain only that specific item's ID - selectedIds=3
  • If a user manually selects deals with dealId=1 and dealId=9 - selectedIds=1,9
  • If a user decides to manually select all IDs in the List view, be ready to handle a very long URL with all the IDs in an array


Entity IDs that show all the excluded IDs in an array form (only in the List view)

  • If a user selects all the IDs through the select-all checkbox, then empty- excludedIds=
  • If a user selects all deals from the select-all checkbox and then removes manually some deals with dealId=1 and dealId=7 - excludedIds=1,7
  • If a user decides to manually unselect all IDs in the List view, be ready to handle a very long URL with all the IDs in an array


Stringified JSON object of filter type (filter or owner) and its ID (or "everyone") (only in the list view). In the Activity list view, the object will include Activity type and depending on user's choice Activity start date and end date.

  • A user has applied a custom filter from the "Filters" tab - filter={"filter_id":42}

  • A user has applied a user filter from "Owners" tab - filter={"user_id":42}

  • When "Everyone" is selected in the "Owners" tab - filter={"everyone":1}

  • When app action is triggered from the Activities list view then extra parameters are applied to filter object.

    activity_type will list selected activity types.
    activity_type=”” all Activity types are selected.
    activity_type=”lunch,call” specific Activity types are selected.

    activity_start_date parameter is added when user selects Activity start date, displayed in YYYY-MM-DD format.

    activity_end_date parameter is added when user selects Activity end date, displayed in YYYY-MM-DD format.

Note that in the list view, selectedIds and excludedIds will appear empty when all items are selected with the select-all checkbox.
excludedIds will also appear empty when just some items are manually selected.

Example URLs

Sample URL that is added to Marketplace Manager: https://www.randomawesomeapp.com/action/handle

In the List view...

The parameters that Pipedrive sends: ?resource=deal&view=list&userId=12345&companyId=12345&selectedIds=1%2C9&excludedIds=&filter=%7B%22everyone%22%3A1%7D
The whole List view URL: https://www.randomawesomeapp.com/action/handle?resource=deal&view=list&userId=12345&companyId=12345&selectedIds=1%2C9&excludedIds=&filter=%7B%22everyone%22%3A1%7D

In the Activities list view when the activity start and end date are selected: https://www.randomawesomeapp.com/action/handle?resource=activity&view=list&userId=12345&companyId=12345&selectedIds=1%2C9&excludedIds=&filter=%7B%22user_id%22%3A%2211%22%2C%22 activity_type%22%3A%22call%2Cmeeting%2Ctask%2Cdeadline%2Clunch%22%2C%22activity_start_date%22%3A%222020-12-08%22%2C%22activity_end_date%22%3A%222021-01-14%22%7D

In the Details view...

The parameters that Pipedrive sends: ?resource=deal&view=details&userId=12345&companyId=12345&selectedIds=9

The whole Details view URL: https://www.randomawesomeapp.com/action/handle?resource=deal&view=details&userId=12345&companyId=12345&selectedIds=9

How can I add an app action to Pipedrive?

You can add the Basic app action when registering an app or when updating an app. For that, you need to insert:

  • the name of the action (max 30 characters, in sentence-case)
  • the URL that handles the action in the app
  • the location where that action will be displayed in Pipedrive UI

App actions in App Approval Process

What if my app has already been approved?

If you already have an app or an integration available in the Pipedrive Marketplace, please use your sandbox account (request one if you don't have a sandbox account) for testing the new app actions. Remember that any changes saved when updating a public app in the Marketplace Manager will all be immediately visible for your app users.

What to consider when I submit my app actions to review?

When app actions are submitted for review, we will thoroughly test them before approval and we strongly suggest testing your app actions on a test app prior to submitting for reviewal. Here are some things to consider while developing the actions:

  • App actions must provide contextual information. This means that when an app action has been clicked by the user from inside the Pipedrive web app and they have been redirected to your app's page, related data from the user's Pipedrive account is displayed inside your app.
  • Your app must be able to handle app actions performed both when a user has logged in to your app as well as when the user is not logged into your app:
    • If the user is logged in to your app, the actions initiated by a user from Pipedrive must be fulfilled from your app's end.
    • If the user isn't logged in to your app, the URL must redirect to your app's login or register an account page. After the user has logged in from the app's page, your app must be able to continue to fulfill the action initiated by the user in Pipedrive.
  • If the app is uninstalled from the vendors' side, ensure that the app actions won't appear in Pipedrive UI anymore. For more information read about handling user's app uninstallation.

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Basic app actions

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