Error codes and troubleshooting

We developed the messaging app extension while keeping in mind ways of providing a great user experience between Pipedrive’s UI and the application service. Therefore, the app can take advantage of some predefined error messages that Pipedrive’s UI can display for the app.

Expected error codes for the messaging extension's endpoints

In the following table, you can see errors coming from the manifest’s endpoints that are expected and handled by Pipedrive’s API in a user-friendly manner.

StatusPayload example
400 - Bad request

Expected for validation errors for debugging purposes.
{ "success":false, "data":{ "message":"string", "code":"INVALID_BODY" } }
401 - Unauthorized

It is expected when the user’s token is revoked or when they no longer have access to a resource.
{ "success":false, "data":{ "message":"string", "code":"UNAUTHORIZED" } }
401 - Unauthorized

Allows Pipedrive to display messages and appropriate UI to the user informing them about their account being suspended.
Error code value ACCOUNT_SUSPENDED must be included.
{ "success":false, "data":{ "message":"string", "code":"ACCOUNT_SUSPENDED" } }
404 - Not found

A resource, e.g., a channel, was not found for the provided ID.
{ "success":false, "data":{ "message":"string", "code":"NOT_FOUND" } }
429 - Rate limit exceeded

The rate limit was exceeded, and the user can’t use the provider’s services for a period of time.
{ "success":false, "data":{ "message":"string", "code":"RATE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED" "retry_by": "2021-11-26T13:42:17.191Z" } }
403 - Forbidden

The resource the user tried to access doesn't belong to them. We suggest using this for debugging purposes.
{ "success":false, "data":{ "message":"string", "code":"FORBIDDEN" } }


As we are working on the Messaging inbox and the app extension for it, your integration may face some issues. Here are some cases to keep in mind when developing:

  • If there are any problems with manifest endpoints, check out this .yaml file which covers all manifest endpoints with their expected structures and limitations.

  • Currently, the messaging extension only supports conversations between 2 senders/participants. Group conversations with three or more people will not work.

  • In the chat window, some icons are used to identify the chat type of a conversation, according to the provider_type field sent when you register a channel. Only WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger have specific icons. If you are working on a new kind of integration, please get in touch with us at [email protected] and let us know, so we can work on including other types of icons.

  • Please note that even though a generated “id” is returned when you register a channel, the channel ID expected by endpoints in the API always refers to the original ID you provided (provider_channel_id in the POST /channels payload). If you are receiving a 404 status while sending a request to one of the public endpoints, please verify if you are using the correct ID. This is true for all other objects in Channels API; the public endpoints will communicate externally using the IDs you provided.