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App approval process

Apps give developers like you the possibility to add value to the lives of salespeople using Pipedrive. It doesn't matter if you're new to developing or have been doing it for years, we're very happy you've decided to join the forces.

Since we want your app to get through the approval process quickly and without any obstacles, we believe it's very important for you to thoroughly understand the process, so you'd be confident in your app when you're submitting it to the Pipedrive Marketplace.

Throughout the process, if you run into difficulties you can contact us via vendors@pipedrive.com and ask for assistance.


After you have built and tested your app, the approval process will begin as soon as you submit your app. Each new public app submitted to the Pipedrive Marketplace has to pass our approval process to ensure the standards of quality and reliability that our customers (the salespeople) expect.

Here's a high-level graph of the approval process:

Note that submitting the app is unnecessary if it's only used within your own Pipedrive company account. Your app (with a draft tag) will still be visible on the Marketplace for users in your company to install.

Approval process overview

Approval time generally takes approximately a week. Your app will be tested thoroughly, from the installation flow to actual functionality (and everything else in between). Make sure your app sticks to the checklist below as this will help speed up the process and avoid resubmissions.

Before you submit - a checklist


  • Install the app from scratch using both new and existing accounts on your own service
  • Test the full installation and onboarding flow following your own instructions

User experience

  • The average user can set up and use the app without assistance
    • After installation, the setup and onboarding flow continues smoothly in your service
  • The app works as advertises
  • No typos or grammatical errors in the messages originating from the app
  • Your app’s landing page (can be reached after the installation via the callback URL or independently from any other source) contains a detailed and clear summary of what your app does and how it integrates with Pipedrive
    • It also contains what events/actions will trigger actions in Pipedrive and vice versa
    • There’s an “Install to Pipedrive” button on the landing page if it’s reached without the app being installed

Technical requirements and performance

  • Uses OAuth for authentication
  • Uses only api-proxy endpoints
  • Your app only specifies the scopes that it requires to work and does not ask for unnecessary permissions (i.e. at least one endpoint from each of the scopes has to be used)
  • When possible, uses Webhooks for Apps for efficient and close to real-time data synchronization
  • No significant performance impact to Pipedrive instance where it’s installed
  • Your app is ready to support a large number of users after it is listed in the Marketplace
  • Your app still works after 1 hour (lifetime of the access_token)
  • Your app doesn't use email as a unique identifier for creating accounts, it's better to use the combination of user_id and company_id (which you can get from the /users/me response) as the guaranteed unique identifier

App listing

  • Your app name does not match entirely or partially with another app in the Marketplace
  • Well-written and to-the-point description of what the app does
  • High-quality marketing assets are provided:
    • A distinctive icon (not resembling Pipedrive’s or any other app's icon in the Marketplace)
    • Easily readable/understandable screenshots
  • No advertisements of other apps, products, services in your listing


  • Documentation is provided about how to set up, use, troubleshoot, and stop using your app
  • Provide support either by email, chat, phone, or web-based applications


  • Your app has a clear privacy policy in English stating how Pipedrive's customers’ data is used
  • Terms of service exist for your app
  • Does not infringe on trademarks or copyrights of Pipedrive or any other products
  • No spam is sent to the emails retrieved from the connected Pipedrive account


  • You agree with the Pipedrive Marketplace Vendor Agreement
  • Help us review your app:
    • Details of any paid test accounts we need to use your service
    • Details of any test accounts that might be needed for third-party services
  • Provide us with the details of a contact person from your company
  • Become a member of our Developers' Community for future correspondence (at least one person from your company)

After you submit - what to expect?

Status update:

  • Your app’s status will change in the Marketplace Manager
  • You’ll receive an email confirming that we’ll start reviewing it


  • You’ll be notified via email when the app is approved
  • The status will also change in the Marketplace Manager

Release Date:

  • After the approval, the app is unlisted from the Marketplace by default. If you wish to have it published, you will need to click ‘Publish’ from inside Marketplace Manager.


  • You’ll be notified via email if the app is rejected
  • The status will also change in the Marketplace Manager
  • The reason(s) for rejection will be made clear in the notification email
  • Before the app can be submitted again, you'll need to resolve the reason(s) for rejection

We're looking forward to seeing what you've built for Pipedrive!

App approval process

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