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Registering the app

After you've requested yourself a Developer Sandbox account, the next step of creating an app is to register your new app in the Marketplace Manager. To do this, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to the Marketplace Manager

First, go to the Settings page:

Then click on the third tab - Apps & Integrations:

And then enter the Marketplace Manager from the left-side menu:

Step 2: Register a new app

Start by clicking the green "Create new app" button. Here you'd also see a list of your already registered apps if you'd have any:

Step 3: Fill in the form

That's what the beginning of the form you need to fill in looks like. Here we've pointed out the two required fields necessary to create the app - the App name and the OAuth Callback URL. Other fields marked as required will be validated when you're sending your app to review.

Disclaimer: The Marketplace team reserves the right to make small changes to text fields and images uploaded to the app's listing in order to give the best possible user experience. You'll be notified when something is edited.

General information


App name (required)

Insert your app's name by what it's going to be recognized in the Marketplace.

Example: Random


This name will appear publicly on the Pipedrive Marketplace.

Example: Random

Short summary (required)

Summarize the essence of what your app does. It will be shown in the list views and other places where the full description cannot be shown in the Marketplace.

Example: Awesome random app that will help you to manage your tasks and the workflow better

Description (required)

Clearly state what your app does and why the integration with Pipedrive is useful. It needs to be unique text specifically tailored for the Pipedrive Marketplace to avoid being marked as double content by search engines

Example: Discover this awesome app that will help to manage your tasks in Pipedrive by motivating you not to procrastinate! The Random app has received many excellent user reviews, among them Quinn Smith's feedback:
"It feels so empowering to actually have control over my work!"

Categories (required)

Choose max two categories from the drop-down menu which best represent your app's use case.

Example: Task and workflow management

App icon (required)

Upload an icon which represents your app the best (be aware of the file type and sizing requirements).

YouTube video link (one link)

Add a link to a video which depicts the capabilities of your app specifically demonstration how it works together with Pipedrive. We recommend you use the video to market your app.

We currently support only Youtube video links.

Screenshots (1 required, max 5)

Upload max 5 screenshots which should be helpful to users by illustrating how the app works, highlighting key areas and demonstrating the general flow process.

OAuth and Access scopes


Callback URL (required, one URL per app)

Insert a link to which an authorization code will be sent to if the user approves or declines the installation of your app. This link is also where we return the user to after successful authentication. Technically, a callback URL is the same thing as an OAuth redirect_uri. It's ok to insert a non-functioning URL when creating a new app as long as you can update this field with a proper URL after implementing the logic needed for accepting user authorization in your code. Please keep in mind that we allow only one callback URL per app.
Example: https://www.randomawesomeapp.com/API/v2/callback

Access scopes (required)

By using scopes you can specify what kind of data access your application needs exactly. Your selection will depend a lot on the endpoints you end up using in your app. Start by choosing the least amount of scopes as possible. Then, based on the endpoints you use in your code, enable additional scopes according to this mapping.
:white-check-mark+: Search for all data
:white-check-mark+: Read users data

Setup and installation


Instructions for users (max 1500 characters)

Remember to give helpful step-by-step instructions not only to existing customers but also newcomers who will set up the integration from scratch as they will need to understand the level of effort required (for example, the first step could be creating an account at your service).

Support and legal info


Website URL (required)

Insert a link to your app's website.


Terms of Service URL (required)

Insert a link to your app's Terms of Service webpage with rules which users must agree to abide by in order to use your service/app.

Example: https://www.randomawesomeapp.com/rules

Privacy Policy URL (required)

Insert a link to your app's Privacy Policy webpage of a legal document that has most or all the information of how user's data is gathered, used, communicated and managed.

Example: https://www.randomawesomeapp.com/help/privacypolicy

Support URL

Insert a link to your app's Support website's main page, where a user with questions/problems can find answers about: different support channels and their SLAs, FAQs, self-service support resources, maybe even discover tips and tricks about your app, or get general help.

Example: https://www.randomawesomeapp.com/support

Support email

Insert an email address for your app's Support contact if the user needs direct help.

Example: support@randomawesomeapp.com

Documentation URL

Insert a link to your app's documentation website from where the user can familiarize oneself with your app's features: a detailed description of what your app can do and how, tutorials/articles for getting started or specific use cases, etc.

Example: https://www.randomawesomeapp.com/help

Issue tracker URL

Insert a link to your issue tracker website, where users could go and report bugs or any other issues noticed when using your app.

Example: https://gitzhubz.com/randomawesomeapp/issues

User interface actions


Action name (required, max 30 characters)

Insert your app action's name that will be displayed in the Pipedrive UI. The name should be short, descriptive of the app action, and be in a sentence format.

Example: Add to email list

URL link (required)

Add the URL that will redirect the user to the correct app page when an action is clicked. The URL must handle both scenarios of the user being logged into your app and not being logged in.

Example: https://www.randomawesomeapp.com/action/handle

Where should it be displayed? (required)

Specify in which views the UI action will be displayed in. There can be a maximum of 3 actions per app in one view, altogether 24 (8 different views x 3 actions per view).

:white-check-mark+: Activities list
:white-check-mark+: Person details

Your contact info


Main contact email (required)

The main point of contact to receive technical updates and notifications from Pipedrive.
You can switch the toggle to green and agree to receive notifications about new, edited or deleted reviews.

Before sending to review


Installation scenarios are tested (required)

A user does not have an account with you and installs the app
(Installation runs through the process of creating an account and finishes the app install)

A user does have an account with you, but isn't logged in and installs the app
(Installation runs through login on your side and finished the app install)

A user has an account with you, is logged in, and install the app
(Installation recognizes the user is logged in and finishes the app install)

Vendor Agreement (required)

I agree to the terms and conditions of the Marketplace Vendor Agreement
(It covers details about leaving a review for your own app, the privacy of the Customer Data, app approval process and more)

Step 4: Save app

When you've filled in the form, click on the green "Save" button and save your app.

After saving, your app will be hidden by default and you'll see your app's status next to the app name.

Your app will be assigned a unique client_id and client_secret, which can be seen on the app listing's edit page in OAuth & Access scopes section. These values are necessary to go through authorization and receive the access_token to be used in API requests.

To be published on the Marketplace, your app needs to pass our app approval process.
Note that submitting the app is not necessary if it's only used within your Pipedrive company account.

Registering the app

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