Pipedrive API v2 overview

Pipedrive’s v1 API has been constantly evolving, but it is still based on the same foundations that were laid a long time ago. Pipedrive as a company has grown a lot since then and it is time to reflect that in our API as well. Hence, we are announcing a gradual transition to a new v2 version of our API.

The new v2 API comes with many benefits such as

  • a lot less breaking changes;
  • significantly better performance and response times, especially when iterating over large data sets;
  • consistent and predictable behavior with compliance with REST best practices;
  • better data quality due to stricter input validation.

What is changing?

We will gradually release new v2 APIs to replace the corresponding parts of v1 API. The corresponding v1 APIs will then be marked for deprecation and have a grace period of at least 1 year for migrations.

API v2 availability

Currently the following APIs are available as v2:

  • Products API
  • Product Variations API
  • Deal Products API
  • Search API

Migrating and overview of changes

We have compiled an in-depth migration guide for migrating from v1 to v2 APIs and the endpoints are also documented on our API Reference page. As always, you can reach out to us through our Developers' Community for further questions.