Getting started


Check out our changelog for the latest changes regarding our Developer Platform.

Pipedrive is a sales CRM with an intuitive RESTful API. You can use our API to create public or private apps using OAuth 2.0 and integrations via API token. Public apps and integrations work directly with Pipedrive and are available in Pipedrive’s Marketplace.

Create an app

The Pipedrive API includes various endpoints to help you build an app for the Pipedrive Marketplace. Learn more about the Marketplace here.

Create a developer sandbox account

Testing in a risk-free environment. Learn more about it here or sign up for one now.

Learn about the Pipedrive API

Let's walk through the basics of the Pipedrive API. Try it out here or use Pipedrive's API in Postman or Insomnia and continue learning with our API tutorials and app tutorials.

Extend your app's functionality

App extensions allow apps to add interactive features that extend their app’s functionality in Pipedrive’s user interface.

Let users perform your app’s related actions through link actions. Allow users to see and use the data from your app in a panel with predefined components through JSON panels. Load any contextual web content in embedded iframes using our custom UI extensions. Embed your app into a designated area in Pipedrive with our manifest-based extensions.

Create a webhook

Have data coming into you, not the other way around. Learn more about our webhooks for apps. If you want to learn about our general webhooks, you can do it here.


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