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Welcome to Pipedrive's Developer Documentation. Here you'll find comprehensive guides and documentation to help you start working with Pipedrive's API, as well as the Changelog to see any relevant changes regarding the public API.


All data is sent and received as JSON.

Each response sent from the API contains a success parameter which is of boolean type, indicating whether the request was successful or not. Upon success being false, an optional error parameter (string) may be given. In case of success is true, the response is always contained within a data parameter, and additional metadata may be carried inside an additional_data parameter.

Success response

All success responses follow the same schema:

    success: true, //boolean, shows if operation succeeded (similar to HTTP status)
    data: null, //object in other cases
    additional_data: {
        pagination: { //for endpoints that list data
            start: 0,
            limit: 100,
            more_items_in_collection: false

Error response

All error responses follow the same schema:

    success: false,
    error: "Requested service is not available", //main error message
    error_info: "Please check developers.pipedrive.com",
    data: null,
    additional_data: null

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