How to find the API token

To validate your requests, you'll need your api_token - this means that our system will need to know who you are and be able to connect all actions you do with your chosen Pipedrive account.

Keep in mind that a user has a different api_token for every company the user is a part of.


Keep your API token safe. You can only have one active API token at any time.

API is enabled

You can get the API token manually from the Pipedrive web app by going to account name (on the top right) > Company settings > Personal preferences > API or by clicking here (in case you have multiple companies open at the same time, this link will redirect you to the API token of the last opened company).


Disclaimer: Never disclose your real API token!

API is disabled

If you don't see API next to the Your companies tab in web app's Settings follow our tutorial about enabling API.