OAuth status codes

Learn about the Marketplace status codes for both OAuth and API request to indicate the success or failure of your requests.


Status CodeURLMessageDescription
200 OK/oauth/tokenExample response:


"access_token": "ACCESS_TOKEN",
"token_type": "Bearer",
"expires_in": 3600,
"refresh_token": "REFRESH_TOKEN",
"scope": "..scopes..,base"
400 Bad Request/oauth/tokenMissing parameter: grant_typeRequired parameter grant_type is not provided
Unsupported grant type: grant_type is invalidProvided parameter grant_type is not valid. Supported values: authorization_code, refresh_token, exchange_api_token
Invalid grant: authorization_code is invalidProvided value of authorization_code parameter is not valid or was already exchanged to ACCESS TOKEN
Invalid grant: authorization_code has expiredMore than 5 minutes passed after issue of provided authorization_code and it became invalid
Invalid grant: refresh_token is invalidProvided refresh_token is not valid for provided client credentials or it was already exchanged
Invalid grant: api_token is invalidProvided parameter api_token is not valid for any Pipedrive user
Invalid client: cannot retrieve client credentialsBoth or at least one of required parameters client_id or client_secret were not provided in the request
Invalid client: client is invalidProvided values of client_id or client_secret are not valid
Invalid request: redirect_uri is not a valid URIRequired parameter redirect_uri is not provided or value is not a valid URI
Invalid request: redirect_uri is invalidProvided value of redirect_uri parameter doesn't match with value defined in Developer Hub
Invalid request: content must be application/x-www-form-urlencodedRequest to OAuth should have Content-Type application/x-www-form-urlencoded
/oauth/authorizeApp cannot be installed for requested companyUser tried to install app that was removed from the Marketplace or not visible for last active user company in Pipedrive
500* Internal Server Error
503/oauth/authorizeWhoops! Something broke in our servers and we cannot serve you this page.Company database of Pipedrive user is under maintenance

API request


Status CodeMessageDescription
200 OK
201 CreatedResource created
204 No ContentNo content (purpose can be different for different resources)
400 Bad RequestInvalid request: malformed authorization headerProvided value of access token in Authorization header doesn't follow format Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN
(An explanation of what went wrong, which can be different for different resources)Request contains invalid or missing data. Mostly relevant for POST and PUT requests.
401 UnauthorizedInvalid token: access_token is invalidProvided access_token in Authorization header is not valid
403 ForbiddenScope and URL mismatchNot allowed to access requested resource by application scope that is defined by owner
404 Not found%Resource not found
410 GoneOld resource permanently unavailable
422 Unprocessable EntityFor example, when the webhooks limit is reached for a user or an app and it's forbidden to create a new one
429 Too Many RequestsRequest over limitAPI requests limit reached for a company
500Internal Server Error