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Welcome to Pipedrive's Developer Documentation. Here you'll find comprehensive guides and documentation to help you start working with Pipedrive's API, as well as the Changelog to see any relevant changes regarding the public API.

About the Marketplace

What is the Pipedrive Marketplace?

The Pipedrive Marketplace is a platform that allows Pipedrive customers to install apps that add and extend both capabilities and possibilities of what a user can do with their account. If you build an app, this is where people will be able to search for and find it.

All integrations, UI extensions, background services, etc that are listed and installable in the Marketplace are referred to as apps.

Publishing an app in our Marketplace allows it to be visible to over 95,000 companies that use Pipedrive. In addition, all newly published apps receive preliminary marketing from our end with the potential for additional marketing (dependent on additional factors).

Once your app is visible in the Marketplace, we provide you advantages for a more intuitive app usage experience inside Pipedrive, such as:

  • Better browsing experience - app listings can include images, a video, and more detailed descriptions
  • One-click installing - the ability to quickly try out apps
  • Granular permissions - different apps can perform different operations within your Pipedrive account
  • Overview - all installed apps managed in one central place

In order to incentivize more people to install your app, we recommend placing creativity and thought into a well-constructed landing page. A landing page gives users a chance to get to know your app and its functionalities and leave reviews and rate your app. Your app's position in some of the Marketplace's Collections (e.g. Trending apps, Top rated apps) is directly based on ratings and reviews given to the app. You can additionally increase the visibility of your app by developing app extensions, giving your app a chance to be shown in the App extensions Collection.

Want to create your own app?

Great! You can create an app using either OAuth (mandatory for public and unlisted apps) or API token integration. Start by requesting a Developer Sandbox account and learn more about creating an app here.

The differences between OAuth apps and API token integrations

Authentication and authorization

For apps, it's based on a way we've built to provide access to our API - a convenient, secure and transparent OAuth 2.0 protocol. Here's how the OAuth Authorization flow works and how you can start implementing it into your app.

We've also introduced OAuth access scopes that allow granular access control and help the user identify the permissions they are granting to the app.

For API token integrations, the authentication is based on the api_token.

Read more about the access scopes and their mapping to Pipedrive public API endpoints here.

App installation

From the customer's perspective, the installation of Marketplace apps has become much easier than the manual set-up process of integrations. Thanks to OAuth, the apps can be installed straight from the Marketplace with a few clicks.

From the developer partner's perspective, it's possible to control a part of the installation flow (with the callback URL) and provide a better onboarding experience for the users after the app installation.


Apps based on the API token integration will not be eligible for any preliminary or additional co-marketing campaigns. In addition, these apps won't receive any reviews and thumbs up/down votes by customers in the Marketplace or have their own app listing page.

API token integration
OAuth app

Preliminary marketing

Co-marketing campaigns

Customer reviews and voting

Public app's listing page in the Pipedrive Marketplace

There are a few legacy apps based on API token integration that have a public app listing page in our Marketplace. These apps have the “visit site to install” button as they were published before we introduced Marketplace and OAuth.

Creating and managing your app

Once you have your Developer Sandbox account, you will have access to the Marketplace Manager tool. This is where you will start your app creation process and also where you will create, support and maintain your app as well as its listing page.

Read more about how to manage your app listing here.

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About the Marketplace

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