LeadBooster Browser API


This is a beta feature and any feedback is welcome through the widget in the bottom right-hand corner.

LeadBooster is a chatbot system that allows web page visitors to better qualify themselves as potential customers. LeadBooster has a browser Javascript API with a global object within the global window scope called LeadBooster. This object can be used to control LeadBooster chat or listen to specific events happening inside of the chat.

Note that the LeadBooster object is available in any code included after the LeadBooster embed script, but not before.


Before using the LeadBooster browser API, make sure you’re using the latest LeadBooster embed script. We recommend updating the embed script before using this API. You can find the latest script in the Pipedrive web app by going to Leads > LeadBooster > Live Chat > select the Playbook > Installation > Manual installation.

Control LeadBooster Chat

To control the Leadbooster, you can call the trigger method on the LeadBooster global object. You can use the method to open or close the LeadBooster chat.

LeadBooster.trigger('open');  // opens LeadBooster chat
LeadBooster.trigger('close');  // closes LeadBooster chat

This is helpful in case you would like to open the LeadBooster in a specific situation, like the click of the “Contact us“ button.

document.selectElementById('contact-button').addEventListener('click',function() {

Listen to LeadBooster Chat events

You can listen to events happening inside of the LeadBooster chat and use the events to trigger your own code. The events can also include an optional data object with additional helpful information.

LeadBooster.on('conversationEnded', function(data) {
  // code here will be triggered when the conversation ends
  // data object includes a 'qualified' boolean property

This functionality can be used to trigger analytics events.

LeadBooster.on('conversationEnded', function(data) {
  if (data.qualified) {
  } else {

The list of all events includes:

  • initialized - called when LeadBooster chat is initialized and appears on the webpage.
  • opened - called when LeadBooster chat is opened.
  • closed - called when LeadBooster chat is closed.
  • greetingOpened - called when LeadBooster chat greeting message is displayed.
  • greetingClosed> - called when LeadBooster chat greeting message is closed (by opening the chat or closing the greeting message with close button).
  • conversationEnded - called when the conversation with the bot ends. Additional data includes qualified boolean property.