Updating the existing app


The Marketplace team reserves the right to make small changes to text fields and images uploaded to the app's listing in order to give the best possible user experience. You'll be notified when something is edited.

Updating an approved app

Updating an existing app is similar to registering a new one.

In order to update your app, head to Settings > Tools and integrations > (Tools) > Marketplace Manager, and click on the name of the app. Now you can make the changes on the app listing's Marketplace page. For example, you can change the app listing's images, video (Youtube) link, app descriptions, and more.


After updating your app's listing, click on the green "Save" button. This will save the changes and send out an automatic notification to the Pipedrive Marketplace team. Rest assured, this doesn't mean you have to go through the whole app approval process again, but rather that we keep an eye on all changes made to Published apps.

Changing the scopes

You can update the scopes of your app at any time. The changes will affect all types of apps (draft/private, unlisted, and public) similarly. If you decide to change your app's scopes, this is what will happen:


Key actions

  • When new scopes have been added, all existing users who have your app installed will receive an email from Pipedrive informing them about the change in scopes. The email will say what information your app is asking for access to and asking the user to reauthorize the app. If you only removed scopes, you will only need to refresh the tokens.

  • The old access tokens will be invalidated and can be refreshed with the old refresh tokens. The refresh tokens will remain valid for the old scopes until the user reauthorizes the app.
    The new scopes will only be accessible after the user reauthorizes the app. Users should be guided also from the app's side to reauthorize the app.

  • Once you save the new scopes in Marketplace Manager, all new installations will have the new scopes.

On your app's side, you should make sure that the app doesn’t break for users that installed the app before the scopes were updated, and clearly direct them to reauthorize the app if needed, to make sure their access token is up-to-date with the latest scopes. This is done to allow users to use the app in its full capacity. Adding new scopes will not halt the app's functionality - the features built with previous scopes will continue working but removing scopes can disrupt your app's functionality.

From the Marketplace side, the app listing will remain the same and it won't be sent back to the "In Review" stage of the app approval process. The scopes displayed in the installation screen of the app listing will be automatically updated to reflect the new scopes.

As the user has the option to either accept or deny all scopes, it's a good idea to build apps that only request scopes that are absolutely necessary for your particular use-case. The Marketplace team will review scope changes when you increase the number of scopes your app will ask permission for.

Changing the app name

Choosing the best app name can be tricky, hopefully, you'll pick the best one right from the start. In the case that you really really need to change your app name, there'll be no extra reviewing from the Marketplace Team, but be aware that your app's URL in the Marketplace will also change and this might affect your Marketplace app listing's Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


Hiding an app from the public listing

Hidden by the app owner

Your app has to be approved and public in order for you to unpublish it. You can hide your app by clicking on the "Unpublish" button on the app listing's edit page in Marketplace Manager, which will invoke the unpublishing action.


When you decide to unpublish your app, it will hide it from the Marketplace without uninstalling for existing users. The app will become an unlisted app. The app will be visible in the Marketplace Catalog list view only for the app owner's Pipedrive company and the Marketplace Team.

Keep in mind anyone with the link to the app can still view and install it.

Why can't I see "Publish" or "Unpublish" button?

Hidden by the Marketplace Team

In case the Marketplace Team decides to unpublish your app, it will be hidden from the Marketplace, but still remain installed for existing users. The app will become an unlisted app. Anyone with the link to your app can still view and install it.

The Marketplace Team will contact and inform you of the issues you'll need to resolve before the app can be published again.