App extensions overview

What are app extensions?

App extensions allow apps to add interactive features that extend their app’s functionality in Pipedrive’s user interface. The extensions can help users to keep an eye on all of their everyday processes, share context about Deals and Contacts, and above all, interact with different data provided by apps without switching between different tools.

Across Pipedrive’s UI, there are different extension points where apps can add interactive features, for example, sidebar panels, modals and actions menu.

Apps with app extensions bring extra value to their users as your app’s functionality is available directly inside Pipedrive’s UI, which helps to increase its visibility. App extensions increase the app's brand awareness as the app icon will be displayed inside Pipedrive after installation.

Furthermore, your app will have more visibility in the Pipedrive Marketplace as it will be listed under Collections > App extensions in addition to the default categories and the chosen app categories’ sections.

Types of app extensions

We offer several app types extensions: app actions, JSON panels and manifest-based app extensions.

App actions

App actions let users perform your app’s related actions in Pipedrive’s list and detail views. We have two types of app actions: links and JSON modals.


Link app action

Links are app actions that reroute users from Pipedrive to an external page hosted by your app to complete an action.

JSON modals

JSON modal

JSON modals are modals with predefined components that enable users to complete full actions inside Pipedrive, with the data being consistent between both platforms.

JSON panels

JSON panel

JSON panels allow users to see and use the data from your app through a panel with predefined components in Pipedrive’s detail views. They provide a visual representation of existing data from your app inside the Pipedrive web app.

JSON panel gives an overview of multiple data fields JSON panel gives an overview of multiple data fields

JSON panel gives an overview of multiple data fields

JSON modal is triggered from the JSON panel JSON modal is triggered from the JSON panel

JSON modal is triggered from the JSON panel

Having your app's data inside the panel with multiple customization methods will make using Pipedrive more contextual, as all information is centralized and easily accessible across different tools.

Manifest-based app extensions

Manifest-based app extensions allow an app to create an even tighter data flow with Pipedrive users. These apps can embed themselves into a designated area inside the Pipedrive product and offer alternative sources to complete an action such as messaging, invoicing and video calling.

We offer three types of manifest-based extensions: invoicing app extension, video calling app extension and messaging app extension.

Invoicing app extension

Invoicing app extension

The invoicing app extension allows apps to have an entry point into Pipedrive’s Invoices view. This allows app users to fill in data and create invoices right inside Pipedrive.

Video calling app extension

Video calling app extension

The video calling app extension is an entry point into Pipedrive’s Activities modal. It enables app users to generate and start a video call when setting up an Activity.

Messaging app extension

Messaging app extension

The messaging app extension is an entry point into the Messaging inbox inside Pipedrive’s Leads Inbox. This allows apps to integrate a messaging service directly into Pipedrive and create a seamless flow of receiving and sending messages through a third-party tool.

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