Campaigns in Pipedrive API

Campaigns by Pipedrive


Campaigns by Pipedrive lets Pipedrive users create marketing emails and manage their email campaigns, their users and data in one centralized source.

With the Campaigns tool, users can now send email campaigns to their Pipedrive customers and keep all of their sales and marketing information in the detail view of their contacts (Persons) inside Pipedrive. This allows a streamlined information flow and an action-driven sales and communication platform right inside Pipedrive.

We built the tool to enforce GDPR compliance, as all email senders and receivers must clearly define their preferences of communications and have the ability to opt-in and opt-out any time. This essential information has to always be available and up-to-date for any email campaign manager or salesperson.

This is why Pipedrive tracks the subscription status under a custom field called marketing status inside the Campaigns tool. The email campaigns will only be sent to contacts with a subscribed status under this field.


More information about Campaigns add-on is available here.

Integrating with Campaigns

Now that you know the basics of our Campaigns, let's see where integrations can help!

Your app could be the key solution to roadblocks that Campaigns users currently face, for example:

  • Time loss while migrating or syncing marketing data between platforms;
  • Inefficient alignment between sales and marketing data by having to use multiple solutions, i.e., when users wish to keep using two platforms for their campaigns and/or sales data;
  • Lack of overview in data and engagement reports on marketing leads for sales and the findability of those between multiple platforms;
  • Additional costs of dedicated tooling and tool overload, which don’t provide data syncs

Main use-cases for Campaigns

To get you started quickly, see which of the following use cases would suit your app the best.

Data sync between marketing status source
When a new person type of contact is captured in a third-party app, create a new or update an existing contact in Pipedrive and set their marketing status to subscribed or opt-in for marketing. Data syncing could be done, for example, when

  • A form (lead generation, contact, survey, booking, appointment, etc.) was submitted;
  • A contact is saved or updated in a third-party app/tool, which then is synced to Pipedrive.

Email controller: Opt-in
Currently, only a single opt-in subscription method is available. This means either the contact is subscribed or not. We are expanding this by providing a double opt-in or verified opt-in feature, which could be done through an email confirmation link.

Available for our partners and developer partners in the second quarter of 2022.

Email controller: Unsubscription flow
A third-party app controls the unsubscription flow of a person in Pipedrive.
For example, a third-party web form is submitted, which acts as an unsubscribe form. The submission of the form updates the person object and its marketing status to be unsubscribed — providing an opt-out solution for email campaigns.

Segmentation and filtering
App provides a set of custom fields to segment mailing lists by quickly filtering out people with a set status. This allows sending more personalized emails and campaigns to people based on the information collected about the contact, related lead, or deal information inside Pipedrive.

Conditional logic
Add an option for a person type of contact to choose only to subscribe them for marketing campaigns if they select a checkbox or other method of consent in the third-party tool.

How to integrate - Campaigns inside Pipedrive API

All person type of contacts have a marketing status field, marketing_status. This allows integrations to control the person’s status for email marketing if they have given or withdrawn their consent to receive any sort of marketing communications.

The data.marketing_status field can have five values in the response:

  • no_consent - the customer has not given consent to receive any marketing communications.
  • unsubscribed - the customer has unsubscribed from all marketing communications.
  • subscribed - the customer is subscribed and is counted towards marketing caps.
  • archived - the customer with Subscribed status can be moved to Archived to save consent, but they are not paid for.
  • bounced - the customer had emails hard bounced or soft bounced five times (this status can't be modified via API).

The marketing_status is directly mapped to the person with a matching email address.

  • If the same email is connected to multiple contacts as a primary email address, then all persons will be affected by any changes; therefore, we highly recommend your integration to check for duplicate contacts.
  • If the person does not have a valid email address, then the marketing status is not set and no_consent is returned for the marketing_status value when the new person is created. If the change is forbidden, the status will remain unchanged for every call that tries to modify the marketing status.

On the product’s side, all users inside Pipedrive who have the Campaigns add-on enabled will have the marketing_status available, and it’ll be visible for them under the Contacts -> Persons tab as well as in a person's detail view.

marketing_status displayed displayed in flow items marketing_status displayed displayed in flow items

marketing_status displayed displayed in flow items

marketing_status in Persons list view marketing_status in Persons list view

marketing_status in Persons list view

marketing_status can be fetched and updated inside the API through the following endpoints:

The following table shows how the marketing status will change from the old status to the new one:

Old statusNew statusFinal status

subscribed/pending_upgrade - depends on the number of subscriptions left in the tier

marketing_status field will be also present in the responses of the following endpoints: